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Sports Therapy by Jonathan Broom-Edwards

Overcome Pain

& Mobilize

your body

Diagnostic Therapies in Loughborough & Melton Mowbray for Pain Management, Sports Injuries & Other Conditions using Soft Tissue Therapy, Acupuncture, Visceral Mobilisation, Remedial & Sports Massage with Team GB Paralympian Jonathan Broom-Edwards 

Meet Jonathan

Team GB Gold Medalist & Therapeutic Professional

Many people know me now from my profile as a team GB Paralympian but this website is more concerned with my wish to help people from all walks of life and not just athletes. I know how tough life can be with injuries and pain and the challenges different conditions can bring, so if I can help you with the various therapeutic techniques I work with I would be delighted to help.

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What We Specialise In

Diagnostic Therapy by JBE Sports Therapy in Loughborough and Melton

Diagnostic Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy by JBE Sports Therapy in Loughborough and Melton

Soft Tissue Therapy

Acupuncture by JBE Sports Therapy in Loughborough and Melton

Medical Acupuncture

Sports Massage by JBE Sports Therapy in Loughborough and Melton

Sports Massage

Visceral Manipulation by JBE Sports Therapy in Loughborough and Melton

Visceral Mobilisation

The Journey Towards Better Health & Well-Being Includes Managing Your Body. Begin Your Journey Today.

“ I feel lucky to have found someone who so obviously has the ability, desire and skills to help a lot of people improve the nature of their problem and pain relief. Thank you Jonathan, for your time, effort and kindness over the years!" 

- Nicola

 "I feel so much more mobile now. I hadn’t realised how much the pain had been restricting my movement. Already my hips and back are virtually pain free and my neck is about 80% back to normal.  Again, thank you.

- Jason

"Jonathan is dedicated to his patients and to his understanding of the needs of each person. In a special way he provides better care and results for everyone he works with. I had great improvement and mobility after just two sessions!"

- Derek

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Booking online is easy and the best way to get in touch. If this is your first consultation or you are coming back for more treatment, visit the booking page. 

The Road To Health

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